Saturday 21 November 2009

Powerex Battery Charger

This time last year i bought a Powerex MH-C801D battery charger from the store on the Naturescapes site, It seemed quite expensive at the time but looking at the powerex website it got great reviews from various magazines plus it had the bonus of charging 8 batteries at the same time fast,Its a very well made piece of kit and has a good clear display so you can see exactly whats going on, You have the choice of fast or slow charge as well as conditioning your battery by discharging them first and then recharging them fully, I have used flash alot this year and the charger has been great until a couple of months ago, I contacted Powerex and they instantly said that they would send a new one,however it started to work again until just before i went to NY and i noticed that the transformer rattled and the light would flicker on and off-obviously something loose giving and taking the connection away, I mailed Powerex again and when i returned from NY a new transformer was waiting for me and now all works well again, There were no questions asked by powerex and they didn't ask to send the old unit back to check first before sending one out-Great service and one reason for paying a premium for the equipment, If you are in the market for a good battery charger then this is one to take a serious look at, The 2700mAp batteries are excellent as well, I shot all day in NY on one set


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