Saturday 28 November 2009

News - T4 Cameras

Had a quick catch up with Bruce at T4 cameras yesterday and had a good old chat about many things Canon and Nikon, as his shops stock both.

Seems like the Witney in Oxfordshire store is now at Canon EOS Pro Store status, so congrats to them on that.

And while I appreciate that it is too late now and they are all full, but they are running a series of flash seminars at the Witney store as the first in a series, so check out their website to follow up. If I get to hear of any future ones, I will flag them up on here.

Like many camera outlets this year, it has been a more difficult trading year for many dealers, much of that thanks to the ridiculous hikes in gear prices as result of the exchange rates and some less acceptable, at least from my perspective, of gear prices from the manufacturers, and by that I am talking about the unbelievable and unacceptable hike by 50% on the RRP for the 1Dmk4. Whatever the final selling price settles out at, a 50% shift in the base price is outrageous.

Looking like it will be January before either the 1Dmk4 and the Nikon D3s hits the stores in reasonable numbers. Although Bruce did get 3 of the new model Nikon 70-200VRf2.8 lenses in yesterday, so we've got them here now Dave :-)

So to all you would be new gear purchasers, please make sure you support your local or preferred pro dealers - the service and support that I have had from Bruce in the past few years has been second to none, and don't always look to the bottom line price as your sole reason to buy from some non de-script 'on-line' only retailer.

Whenever I have bought my larger bits of kit, and certainly those that might go wrong, then I always prefer to deal with a reputable pro dealer and somewhere with a shop that I can walk it back to if I need to - that is why I have bought my kit from Bruce at T4 and will do so for all my future large value bits of kit.


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