Friday 6 November 2009

Views - Forums

I have been an avid user of some photographic forums over the past few years. They have been extremely educational for certain aspects, it has been good to get some decent critique on some images, made some good friends and had a few decent social and photographic outings.

But like many things they are only as good as the inputs into them, the comments and contributions from others Like all things dynamic, they have a natural life cycle or shelf life.

Dave and I met through the old EOS forum, and I am grateful for that, and we know that very many of the readers of this blog originate from contacts via the forums.

So to any regular readers who use the photographic forums that I have been on in the recent past, you won't be seeing any further contributions from me for the foreseeable future.

I have enjoyed and benefited in the past, but it is time to do other things photographically.

Nevertheless we would be happy to hear from you via the comments options on here if there is anything you want to say to us, and as long as it is clean and considered, then we will publish it.



  1. Bad experience? Outgrown them photographically? Or simply bored?

  2. Bad experience? - No, nothing that I haven't witnessed before

    Outgrown them photographically? An element of that

    Or simply bored? Probably - certainly not getting anything much from them

    Plus a genuine desire to spend more constructive time on other things both photographically and non photographically