Friday 20 November 2009

Reviews - 7D v 1Dmk3 test images

As I mentioned recently I got my hands on a Canon 7D for a short while. So I took my 1Dmk3, my Canon 70-200f2.8IS L lens, and the Canon 50mm f1.4 prime lens and did some back to backs.

All images were shot in RAW straight converted as shot with no changes, I have converted the profile to sRGB, and there is no sharpening applied. I was simply looking to make some noise test comparisons.

I have uploaded them all as small thumbs so click on them for a larger view. All images are cropped and I have represented them at actual pixel size, so you are seeing them at 100%. So the images do not make allowance for the different cropping factors, as you will see. 1.6 for the 7D and 1.3 for the 1D.

However, I have set out the last two images showing an equal amount of subject matter, both at 800pixels, so you can see the effects of subject size comparison. In each of the last two, I have added a little USM sharpening to represent an 'everyday' type image.

I was also happy that the light was poor, as this is a better test in my opinion of the conditions that us wildlifers have to work with.

1Dmk3, 50mm, ISO200

7D, 50mm, ISO200

1Dmk3, 50mm, ISO800

7D, 50mm, ISO800

1dmk3, 50mm, ISO1600

7D, 50mm, ISO1600

1Dmk3, 50mm, ISO3200

7D, 50mm, ISO3200

1dmk3, 75mm, ISO400

7D, 75mm, ISO400

1Dmk3, 85mm, ISO800

7D, 70mm, ISO 800

1Dmk3, 85mm, ISo1600

7D, 70mm, ISo1600

1Dmk3 ,85mm, ISO3200

7D, 70mm, ISo3200

So what do these uninspiring images tell us. Well the 7D is pretty good, or at least it looks that way to me when I look at the compete image and pixel peep at 100%

The ISO range that I chose are practical for most wildlife photographers. Higher ISO's while technically available are not where most of us need to spend most of the time....fortunately.

The noise at 3200 is very different between the two bodies, and marginally better on the 7D if anything. But so it should be as there is 30 months development time least between them

While I have been concerned about Canon's drive for more megapixels, based on my limited experience of the 50D, I wanted to do my own test with my own gear to make my mind up.

So am I convinced? Well based on this VERY limited test then I think the noise situation is pretty good.

I have not tested any other aspect of the 7D, so if I were ever to consider buying one of these I would look to do a much wider and more comprehensive test before spending the money.

In particular, I would want to check out the AF system.

The good news is that the price is coming downwards quite nicely now.

Update: It was £1299 a week ago with Jessops having the best price, now I see tonight that it is at £1190 from Jacobs.

So for those of you who paid out £1699 at launch I guess that must be a tough one, but this is normal par for the course pricing strategy, and one of the reasons I will not buy anything at launch prices anymore.

One thing you will need to think about if you are migrating from a 10mp body is cards and hard drive space. The file sizes are virtually double as RAW's, and in the region of 100+ mb as 16 bit TIF files.

I will let you make up your own minds on whether what I have done here and shared is of any value to you, but would welcome any comments.

Finally, a couple of direct comparisons as promised. At the same size, but obviously the 7D images has more pixels in it.

1dmk3, ISO800

7D, ISO800

Having said what I said above about the 7D noise, I prefer the 1D image at full size on this one.

If you are confused, then it is best to carry out your own tests to convince yourself.....or not


Update: Apologies, I forgot to acknowledge and credit my local Jessops here in Stratford upon Avon. Many thanks to the guys there for letting me have a quick play.

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