Sunday 29 November 2009

Where to buy-USA

Whilst i agree with Martins last blog where he says to support your local camera shop, in this day and age its every penny that counts and local stores just cant compete with on line shops, The only reason i have used my local store (wolf camera) is that they managed to locate a 600vr when the other big boys could not and for large prints as i needed some large prints quickly, On line prints are much cheaper and companies like Mpix have a very good reputation, Camera gear tends to come from B+H and Adorama although you will have read my last dealings with BH so now Adorama, Amazon and Hunts will be getting all my business, I purchase a lot of books and magazines and these come from either Barnes and Noble who are local and are good to deal with or Amazon, Whilst we are talking books i have just purchased Art Wolfs book 'Edge of the Earth corner of the sky' which is normally $75 and Barnes and Noble is currently offering for a bargain $14-Even Arts web site shows it for nearly $50-something for Xmas, Its nice to get a good rapport with your local shop but at the end of the day by buying gear on line i have saved $1000's,

The new 70-200 should be with me Monday so look for some images from it some time next week


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