Sunday 22 November 2009

Views - Why is it that.......................

............whenever that you don't have your camera with you there are cracking frame filling pictures of wildlife that you have wanted to get?

Two recent examples for you in the last week.

Last Sunday I was out on my bike for a pleasant ride along the canal tow path towards Wootton Wawen from Stratford upon Avon when we found a couple of Kingfishers. The first one was on the opposite side of the canal would fly ahead of us and then rest up. The second one about a mile after the first one was much more accommodating, giving us views from directly opposite , about 8 metres away. Where was the 1D and 500 when I needed it most?

This morning walking back from the swimming pool after some early morning exercise, once again frame filling opportunities of Pied Wagtail, Crow and Wren - all of them happy with me stopping and watching them from close quarters. I guess if I had been there with my camera they wouldn't have been so helpful.

I need a pocket camera with at least a 500mm reach - shame they don't exist yet.



  1. SX 20IS?...but I assume you want the Id and 500 f4 quality as well?

  2. But of course :-)

    Maybe I should get one of those little trailer thingies for my mountain bike and tow the kit with me.