Friday 13 November 2009

Nikon D3 repairs

After a couple of phone calls Nikon assured me that the D3 would be back with me by today-they kept their word and its just been delivered, I am off to New York tomorrow so really needed it, The camera has been given a service but there was a note saying that the cd error i have been getting with the second card slot could not be found so wasn't fixed, This is a bit of a pain as i know at some point it will have to go back,Thank god for 2 card slots, It seems that the cd error is not uncommon and a few people on forums have been getting the same, As long as you change the cards you can keep shooting so its not the end of the world and i have only had the problem a couple of times in a year but that's because i don't normally shoot enough to use the 2nd card slot, So now its time to clean all the gear and get it packed and ready for an early start tomorrow


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