Friday 26 November 2010

Xmas pressy for the Bird Photographer

The name Alan Murphy will be well known to those who visit nature forums, His images always have the WOW factor, Very clean and attractive images, You sometimes wonder how the hell he does it, Well he now has a DVD out with all his little secrets on how to make the nicest looking set ups and how to attract birds onto them, Its basically a book on a DVD, The images are stunning and the text well laid out and easy to read-although i did find a couple of spelling mistakes, This DVD is a must for any bird photographer as the set ups will cover birds in any country, There is also a good section on shooting in water,The DVD has been out a while but i did read that they may be running out so i quickly bought a copy, At $50 its not cheap but you are paying for the guys knowledge and hard work and if you make 1 sale through the DVD you will have your money back-Highly recommended
You can get a copy at the Naturescapes store


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