Friday, 19 November 2010

Just a quickie tonight

To remind you all here in the UK or at least those who can access the BBC iPlayer of the wonderful series that is Bird Britannia,

It is shown on BBC4 at 2100 on Wednesdays and repeated the following evening at 1930.  It is a fabulous series for those of you with interest in our wild birds in the UK.  Covering not just wonderful images and video of birds, but a great look back at the history of the various species.

Following the Thursday repeat, we have been treated to the fabulous Autumn  at 2030 on BBC2.  Again, if you have missed any of these, do catch up with them on iPlayer.

When the Birds Britannia series DVD set is available, I will put the link up which will hopefully be international so those of you overseas who cannot access the iPlayer can at least order the DVD should you wish.


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