Thursday 18 November 2010

Using a Polariser for Fall colours

Most people use a polariser Filter to remove reflections and to make the sky extra blue but i have used it a lot lately to make the fall colours really pop, The use of a polariser filter saturates the colours if used properly, Once you have composed your image just look through the viewfinder and turn the filter until the colours are at the most saturated, You will easily see the difference and it will make your images pop out of the screen

Here is a scene i took a week or so ago with and without the filter
You can clearly see that the polarised image is at the top and the bottom image looks very flat, The images are straight from the camera just resized for the web-after some processing the top image looks like this
You don't have to spend a fortune on the filter although i would advise getting the best that you can afford, Look at the Hoya,Sigma and B+W ranges, Dont forget that a polariser will take 2 stops of light away so you have a slow shutter speed so either increase your ISO if hand holding or better still use a tripod and cable release


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