Saturday, 20 November 2010

Feed them and they will come

I have been feeding the birds on the private land for a couple of weeks and the feeders are now starting to get busy, I put up a branch for the woodpeckers and after nearly 3 weeks they have finally found it, I have drilled a few holes in the branch with a paddle bit and have filled the holes with a fat/seed mix, I have managed some decent hairy woodpecker images and he has visited for the last 3 days-very important now to keep it up, I had 4 Northern Flickers feeding on the ground right in front of my hide the other day, they are like the Euro Green woodpecker in that they eat ants and bugs so i am looking for a decent sized log with a large knot or branch hole that i can fill with mealworms and hope that i can get some decent shots of these beautiful birds before too long, The cardinals,Tufted Titmouse,Mockingbirds and wrens have been regulars and i have had a Jay or 2 arrive and grab a nut before departing, The Jays are very shy and the slightest movement of the lens and they are off, A beautiful bird and i hope to get them at the feeders on a regular basis, They are very vocal and they never seem to be far away, I have now removed the bramble that i was using as a perch and will be replacing it with different branches with fall/autumn colour leaves to add a splash of colour, The deer are still arriving although normally after the sun has disappeared from the area, I am in a dip, i have taken a few head shots but not really bothered with them as the birds are my main interest unless a decent buck arrives of course,

Male Cardinal with raised Crest
Female Cardinal
This years White Tail
Tufted Titmouse
Hairy Woodpecker
Hairy Woodpecker at food hole
Same image with hole cloned out
New perch with Carolina Wren
All images taken with the New Nikon D7000 and 600 with and without 1.4x


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