Monday, 22 November 2010

Wrap Up

Even though the temperature is forecast for 75 degrees here tomorrow winter is just around the corner, The nights for one are getting cold and that mean wrapping up and staying warm, I have a couple of very cold trips planned in the next few months and have been getting ready by getting good quality clothing, Staying warm and dry is not just important for your comfort-if you are not comfortable then you wont be enjoying it and whats the point in that- and also for your health, i am just shaking off a bad cold that has bugged me for nearly 3 weeks now as i wasnt prepared for a cold few hours in my hide and have paid the price, When dressing for cold weather always dress in layers-base,mid and top layers, There are lots of choice for base layers-vest and long john type pants and most outdoor places will sell them, Always try to get some that 'wick' the sweat away as if you are walking far you will sweat and as soon as you stop you will get cold, get good makes like Helly Hanson or North Face, I have just bought a new mid layer top by Spyder and its very nice, Comfortable and very warm, Last year i waited for the sales and then bought some insulated bib trousers ready for this winter, I got them for about $20 which is ridiculous as they are well made and very warm and waterproof, Last Xmas santa dropped some boots down the chimney, They came from Cableas, These boots are the absolute business, I spent a week on the New Jersey shore last January when temperatures never rose above zero for 10 hours a day and never once had cold feet-amazing boots and worth every penny, Its your Head, Hands and Feet where most of the body heat is lost so for my head i have a Mad Bomber-Again very warm and comfortable and for my hands i have just purchased some mittens with built in fingers which also take a handwarmer if needed, I purchased them from Dicks sporting goods but for some reason they are not on their website, I have used Sportchief jackets and trousers for years and they are still in good condition and work well which shows that its best to spend a little extra, There are a huge selection of good quality winter clothing around now, These are what i use and recommend but just visit any outdoor shop and try for yourself, Its money well spend and could help save your life if you are lucky enough to be able to photograph in less visited areas


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