Wednesday 3 November 2010

Mini Trip Report - Part 6 - Buzzards

As mentioned in my last part on the 'White' Kite, I said I would bring you some Buzzards.

Buzzards appear at Gigrin in significantly less numbers than either the Kites or the Corvids, and will often wait until the corvid frenzy has eased and they will come in to eat.  They get heavily mobbed either by ground running marauding corvids or dive bombing kites.  This can be fascinating to watch.  Sometimes they sit it out and try to eat, while other times they give up the struggle and move on.

The Common Buzzard buteo buteo has a very wide range of colour variations from very pale through the browns to quite dark.  These next two images show the light and brown variations.

 Pale Buzzard and incoming Red Kite
A couple of regular brown coloured Buzzards

 Coming in for food

 About to Land

 Optimistuc food take

 Butter talons!

 I think that is probably about it with images from that trip now.  Hope you have enjoyed these posts


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  1. Cheers Martin, takes me back to when I first met you guys. Great stuff, thanks for sharing.