Thursday, 11 November 2010

Christmas is coming - Santa List Part 1 - for the USA

Following my post on Tuesday, I said I would also bring the same opportunities for the USA market.

So going with the same hard drives that both Dave and I like and use

Better deal for you guys.  On the CF cards front, here are some of our favourites

Looks like you are beating us on price on that one

Maybe a few bits of software to tempt you?  With the stock Adobe Photoshop CS5, full version for Windows and Lightroom 3 full and upgrade, these will give you most things you need.

Here is a great book for us wildlife photographers.  I have yet to get this one, but I loved my version for CS3.  Maybe someone will get it for me?

Next time, I will bring you some more useful stocking fillers - so get your partners over here and get your presents in.


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