Friday, 12 November 2010

Decision Time

The last couple of days i have been hooting with the D3s, D300 and D7000 and today i decided that i dont need the D300 and D7000 so one has to go, Tonight i put the D300 up for sale on the Naturescapes site, I love the D300 and have written of its virtues since owning it, Its the perfect backup camera to the D3s and the perfect main camera in its own right, I cant really fault it and i will definantly miss it, However the D7000 fits my current needs and will be given a good workout for the next year until the D400 comes out, I have continued to shoot on the private land where i was shooting deer in the summer and the last couple of days i have spent the late afternoons shooting birds and deer, The northern flicker has visited the tree next to my hide both times as well as other woodpeckers and we had a small flock of cedar waxwings arrive which surprised me as i have only ever seen them here in the coldest winter months-does this mean we are in for a long hard winter?

Here are a few images taken in the last couple of days


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  1. I too have the D3s, D300 and D7000. I find the D300 to be the better camera (build, ergonomics, AF, buffer etc) but the D7000 have much better IQ (shadow detail, color retention, much less artifacts.) It takes NR and sharpening better too. In fact the D300 has more artifacts at ISO 6400 than the D7000 at ISO 25600.

    I will however keep the D300 and sell both DX bodies whten the D400 is introduced.