Tuesday 9 November 2010

Christmas is coming - Santa List Part 1 for the UK

Twelve months ago we set out some Christmas suggestions for you, and as I can smugly tell you I have just about finished my Christmas shopping, I thought I would give you a few things that you might like to think about, or steer your other half across here to buy for you.

I will set out a few thoughts for the UK market this time, but will also put the Amazon US ones up on my next posting.

Last year, we covered a few hard drive options, and I guess you can never have too many.  Dave and I have been fans of the offerings from Western Digital for a while.  Not the fastest, but we have found they have been reliable, which is what matters.  A couple of powered options, and a USB bus powered option for when mobile for you to consider.  Looks like prices, as usual have dropped too,

But before we put our images on to our discs we needs some cards, and like HDD's, you never want to be short of cards.  I got perilously close when I went to Gigrin recently, so another couple wont go a miss.  Again, Dave and I have been great fans of the Sandisk range, in particular the Extreme 111 range, and I have never experienced a failure within them, despite them going through the washing machine in pockets on more than one occasion.

Again prices have dropped a little, but the main difference is the write speed which has now gone up to 60mB/s - great for rapid shooting of large RAW files
In my next part for the UK, I will bring you some good reference material that all wildlife photographers should use, along with some important software.  Keep coming back.


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