Sunday 28 November 2010

Nikon D7000 in the Studio

Since i have had the D7000 i have used it for types of photography except the studio, I had some friends over the day after thanksgiving and thought it would be nice to have a quick studio session as their son was over for the holidays, I set my Elinchrom D lites up and set the camera to 1/125 @ F14 and shot off various poses of our friends, Yina is a keen photographer and she ended up shooting us as well, It was only a quick session but fun which is how it should be, I normally shoot the D3s in the studio but the images from the D7000 came out very well, Nice and sharp with lots of detail, A good tool combined with the 16-35VR, My 24-70 is in for repair which is the lens i would normally use but the 16-35 on a cropped sensor gives around 50mm so not too bad and good for the group shots

Here are a few from the shoot

And yours truly

Click on the images to enlarge and then use the back button to return, So far the D7000 has past every test that i have put it through and continues to impress, For the money its a true bargain and a real jack of all trades


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