Sunday, 7 November 2010

A great year for Sea Eagles in the UK

If you have been following Autumnwatch on the BBC this year, you will have seen the White Tailed Eagles on Mull.  This year has been the best for Sea Eagle breeding with a record number of 50 breeding pairs in Scotland having raised 46 fledglings.  It is worth remembering that they were only reintroduced relatively recently, in 1975 on the Isle of Rum.

More details can be read here.  I was lucky enough to see them at very close quarters in the wild this year on a boat trip out of Portree on Skye, as blogged here in June.

Reintroduction of the species into England has been a troubled process.  There has been an attempt in East Anglia but this has been thwarted so far largely by the farming community it appears who seem to think that it will spell disaster to them.  Guess they haven't thought through what their Scottish counterparts have been through.  Certainly the majority of opinion on Mull has been to welcome and jealously guard and protect the birds as a huge tourism opportunity.

Having completed nearly all my Christmas shopping today, it got me thinking about setting up some Christmas gift ideas for us wildlife photographers.  Over my next couple of posts, I will bring you a series of things to think about it to either buy for yourself, or get your spouses to link from us.


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