Saturday 13 November 2010

New friends to the blog

Well the D7000 posts that Dave has been sharing over the last week have clearly been very popular - in fact our most popular blogs since we started just under two years ago.  For that we can thank the links to Dpreview that Dave has posted this - this has sent a massive amount of traffic over here.  On the most popular day, which was last Tuesday we had just a tad under 1500 visits.

We have also welcomed a fair bit of traffic from - I was gobsmacked to see the traffic from Poland.  Good to see you guys here.  also too, so welcome to our German viewers.

To put things in context, over the equivalent 16 day period of this year compared to last year we have had visitors from 104 countries now and 36 countries last year.  

A number of visitors have added to the friends list, so we are pleased to welcome you, hope you stay around, and please feel free to interact with us via the comments.

Thanks again


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