Saturday 6 November 2010

New Camera histeria

It doesn't matter if its Nikon, Canon or Pentax, As soon as a new product comes out there are a mass of new buyers who seem to have problems with it and within a short time the camera,lens or whatever is complete crap across the entire internet, I have been watching comments on various forums on the new Nikon D7000, Its been out about 3 weeks and now it seems that it has focusing problems, Hot pixels, Soft images blah blah blah, Some people saying it has problems within the first hour of every owning one and condemning it without reading the manual,What people seem to forget is that this is a totally new camera-not an upgrade of an older model, It has a new AF module, New sensor, New video etc etc, Now i am not saying that there are not real problems, its one of the joys of buying the latest and greatest and both myself and Martin have advised against buying a new product until its a few months old so that any teething problems are ironed out with firmware updates, The D7000 is the first camera i have bought in the initial batch since the Canon 1D MK3 and we all know how that turned out, Any new camera will take some time to get used to and the set up will need to be fine tuned over a period of some weeks, It seems that the more pixels that your camera has the more care that need to be taken when pressing the shutter button, The formula of camera length to be the same as shutter speed i.e 200mm lens needs 1/250 plus 1.5x is you have a Nikon cropped sensor may still not be enough and the tiny pixels being used will also need to be taken into account, so faster shutter speeds will equal a sharper images, If you cant get a decent shutter speed then use flash as it will help 'freeze' the subject, Don't forget that you may have to adjust your normal processing to get the best from the images with your new camera, I remember seeing some horrible images when the Canon 1D MK4 came out but as soon as Adobe bought out the ACR to cover that camera images instantly improved, Give it a couple of weeks and all will calm down until the next new product hits the market, So where does that leave me with the D7000-its a keeper for me, ISO 800 is very clean and allows a good fast shutter speed in normal use i.e daylight and a long lens and a touch extra sharpening helps bring out some more detail, I feel the detail is there but needs some extra coaxing to bring it out as opposed to the D300 and D3s and lets not forget who this camera is aimed at-amateurs and by that i mean its not a pro camera but the specs have allowed to look good as a back up in the pro sector, 99% of users with the D7000 will be taking images of their kids,pets and holidays and for that they will be very happy and for those who are more demanding in their images the IQ is up there and images will be saleable

Here are a few images taken with the D7000 and 600VR from my back door step-all are full frame except the first image which i have cropped the post out of the RH side

100% crop
All images taken using a tripod, ISO 800-no NR used
The Mocking bird image i used off camera  flash
Click on images to make them larger then use your 'back' button


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