Saturday 27 November 2010

Winter has definitely arrived in the UK

We woke up to find a small covering of snow here in Stratford upon Avon today.  The forecast has been variable, and the last time I looked at the Met we weren't due any here.

Now it is nowhere like that being experienced in the North East, where up to 35cm or 14 inches has been falling.  But our temperatures are very cold, and have been for a few days now.  The two ponds and the reflection pool have frozen solid - so my first job this morning was to get out there, break the ice, lift the lumps away and make sure there was clear water available.  Then it was  case of replenish the feeders, and put some surface food down too.

With these very cold temperatures, it is vital that we make water available for the birds.  So please even if you don't have a pond, find some suitable container to put out for the birds - but make sure you keep it clear and you will probably have to re-do it each day.

Already, we have seen a shift of species activity with a huge increase in Chaffinches as they come in from the surrounding fields to readily available garden food.


Update: Sunday morning - seriously cold overnight - broke the ice on pond this moninng to clear some free water.  Frozen solid again two hours later.   Will need to keep on top of this now.  Even more Chaffinch in this morning, plus first of the winter Redwings in town and in the adjacent gardens

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  1. Martin, try using an electric pond heater. It gives out sufficient heat to keep a 12" hole free from ice in the pond. It will save you the trouble of breaking the ice. You can run them on a timer.