Saturday 4 September 2010

A few moths from this morning

It has a been a few weekends since I set my home made moth trap out.  A combination of events and weather have worked against me.

With the sunrise getting later, it means at least I am not having to get out of bed until 7 am now, and with a period of time elapsed, I was keen to see what new species I might get.

It was clearly the night of the large yellow underwing, I counted a total of 63 of them.  For images you can see them here from when I photographed them in July.

I got a few record shots from a short while ago that I have shared below

Angle Shades

Common Wainscot

Unknown - Help  - Any ideas?

I have been through my i/d book over and over again, but cannot be sure if this last one.  I know there are one or two 'moth'ers read the blog, so any help would be appreciated

The best catch of the day was a lovely Red Underwing.  A large drab looking moth, but with a beautiful red speckled underwing.  However, in spite of my best efforts to place it in a suitable photographic location, it wasn't keen to stay put, so I had a great sight of it flying away from me.

Right, I must go and catch up on more landscaping work in the garden that a bad back prevented me from last weekend.   I will have the camera to hand as there are still dragonflies and butterflies around.


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