Saturday 11 September 2010

Memory cards

I know we have covered camera memory before but things move on and with increased pixels comes the need for bigger and faster cards, Not just faster to clear the cameras buffer but also to download to the PC, Now i haven't increased my camera mega pixels much in the last 2 years going from 10mp to 12mp hasn't increased the file sizes that much,Now Martin has gone from 10 mp to 18mp which will give huge files, But i am shooting a lot and also doing a small amount of underwater stuff and you cant change cards there so i have decided its time to buy bigger and faster cards, ALL my cards are made by Sandisk, I have always used Sandisk and probably will, But there are some new players in the market, Sandisk and Lexar probably being the best known but there are quite a few more like Kingston, Delkin and now Hoodman, I looked into all of them at sizes from 8 to 16meg, My D3s has 2 CF card slots so that means i could have 32 gig and not have to change the cards at all in the day as i have never shot 32 gigs worth of images in 1 day, However if and when i get a new high MP camera that may or will change, Obviously costs come into the equation and i ended up ordering 2 8gig Sandisk Extreme cards from Adorama, The cards at 400x speed are slightly quicker than my current Sandisk extreme IV's, I would have liked some of the Extreme Pro's but they only start at 16gig and are vastly more expensive, I don't really want 16 gig cards at the moment and by the time i get a high MP camera the cost of the cards will have come down, Big suprise to me are Hoodman they have a 675x card out with a mini SSD (solid state disk) built in-extremely fast and very expensive but obviously the way things will go


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