Tuesday 7 September 2010

Maintenence-Gitzo Tripods

Gitzo tripods are without doubt THE BEST tripods currently available and they have a price tag to match-you really do pay for the best, However like everything that is used often it will need some maintenance to keep it working as it should, I have a 1548 model which i have had for some years, Martin on the other hands has one of the new 6X models-The 5541 is my memory serves me right, My tripod has been getting stiff and harder to use for some time and so i decided it was time to see how and when to service it, When i lived in Switzerland i used to use the tripod in water-all the way in up to the tripod head so i know how to take it apart and clean it but i havent done so for a couple of years or more, I go on the Naturescapes forum and like all good forums its a wealth of imformation and there is a great article on there and when you should clean your tripod see here, Naturescapes also has a good online store where you can purchase the bushes etc needed to keep your Gitzo in tip top working order


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