Thursday 30 September 2010

Prices Part 2 - a quick follow on

Following my post of two days ago, it was good to see the comment responses we had,

Of course, the points that Peter raised about the Yen to USD are spot on and just salt to the wounds for those of us in the UK,  It was one area that I wasn't specifically going to comment on at the time, as I didn't want to add as a complication to the points I was making, but thanks for throwing that in.

The point Graham raises about replacement costs are also quite valid, and one that you need to be careful of when you are insuring your kit.  Dave and I have both blogged on insurance previously - links here to the three previous posts.

But one thing you do need to be careful is that you have got the replacement value insured.  Now given prices go down as well as up, make sure you are not over insured.  If you bought a 1Dmk4 at the full price of £4500, it can now be replaced for less that £3500, so you are over insuring by a grand.  Certainly, Glover & Howe that I use will refund you any reduced risks.  So check your policy and check the prices on camerapricebuster

Keep the comments coming folks - we appreciate the engagement with you


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  1. Thats a good comment Martin as most people wouldnt think about the prices going down so its worth checking prices and talking to the insurers.

    Mark W