Monday 6 September 2010

A few sightings in the garden

As mentioned in my blog on Saturday, this past weekend was a busy one again for us, and once again there was plenty of visiting wildlife to see or hear.

Another female Southern Hawker popped by and layed some more eggs in and around the pond.  This post shows the second one of the year from a while back.  So we have had at least three this year, but of course that is only the ones that we have seen.  I wonder how many others have been by?  While clearing some of the mess from the surface of the pond, including apples from the nearby tree, I did scoop up a very well formed Southern Hawker larva that was quite active.  This would have been one of last years.  So we now know that there is at least three types of Damesl, Broad Bodied Chases and the Hawkers for the future.

Other great sightings included the resident large flock of mixed Tits previously reported as well as a beautiful little pair of Goldcrests working through the conifers while I sat down for a while drinking a well earned cup of tea.

There is still a few more weekends of work to do until I can finally take some time out and concentrate on getting some more photographs from the fruits of my labour....but it is looking good for the future.


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