Monday 13 September 2010

Lets Talk

Well the year is flying by and the leaves here in Raleigh are just starting to change colour, I was hoping to go to the Smoky Mountains last Friday and come home Saturday night but the weather forecast could have gone either way so i stayed home, I am off to the Mountains this coming Friday for 3 nights and then will be back for a week or more mid-late Oct to coincide with the best of the fall colours, It looks set to be a great fall which never really happened last year, I will be at my usual place in Tennessee so that i can cover landscapes and the incredibly relaxed wildlife that is there-Cant wait, Nikon announced some new high spec compacts last week, One of then states 10FPS for 5 frames and has 1080 video so i will get one of these and replace the Panasonic lumix that we currently have, Its always handy to have a compact with you as you don't normally carry a Dslr around unless you need to, There is promised to be another Nikon announcement this week (15th) where we should see a new version of the popular D90, The specs being banded around look good-16mp,100% viewfinder and 1080 video, There should also be a couple of lenses and a revision of the SB600 flashgun if the rumours are to be believed, No news on the hoped for D700 upgrade that i for one would be interested in but who knows-only Nikon thats for sure,
Yesterday i did a family shoot in my studio for a client and although every thing went smoothly i can tell you when shooting people with glasses with studio lights one turn of the head and the image is ruined, So i have plenty of processing to do to get them their images before i leave at the end of the week
I didnt get out with the cameras over the weekend period but i did watch the 3 amigos come into the garden last night at 8.15pm which is getting to be their favoured time and i will be back out there tonight as well as trying to the deer and birds at my other site, This is going to be a busy 6 weeks and i want to make the most of the fall colours in both landscape and wildlife so long long days and then before you know it it will be Xmas and i will be in Florida-so far its been an excellent year photographically -lets hope it continues


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  1. I'm waiting for the fall pics, some thing I never see for real here in the tropics.