Thursday 23 September 2010

Lens Flare

I mentioned in my last blog that i suffered from Lens flare when taking shots of the Smoky Mountains with the sun high in the image, The flare is really bad in the images taken in portrait mode and not quite as bad as those taken in landscape mode, To me this indicates a problem with the lens hood as it has cut aways at the sides when i landscape mode, I tried holding my hands up and out over the lens but it didn't really help, The lens in question is the new 70-200F 2.8 VR which has the nano crystal coating to help with contrast and stop flare, But in this situation it didn't work and neither did the guy next to me who was using Canon gear and was moaning of the flare he was also getting, Just goes to show that nothing is perfect even when using the latest and greatest gear and that faced with this situation either take a shot without the sun present in the image or wait until the sun dropped and the power had gone out of it, I did both and was quite happy with what i ended up with, One problem with using filters is that they can cause flare with the light bouncing around in between the glass elements, I did remove the ND Grad but it didn't seem to make any difference, Sometimes you just have to try and work around problems and thank god again for digital as you can imagine getting a load of film through all with flare on


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