Saturday 25 September 2010

Photokina-Some goodies

The Photokina show threw up a couple of nice surprises for us nature photographers this year, Namely from the Sigma camp, I have always liked Sigma for their originality in their focal lengths like the 300-800, 50-500 and 120-300f2.8 lenses and i have always taken a look at their range when i am about to purchase a new lens, In days gone by i have used their 70-200F2.8 and it was very good and my brother gets very good results from the 300-800 sigmonster, They have just released a new 70-200F2.8 with image stabiliser, The list price is about the same as the new Nikon which is rediculous but the prices in the shops are already much cheaper and a true alternative to Nikon and Canons lenses, I mentioned the 120-300F2.8 and its one i have looked at time and time again, It was always a small chunky, solidly built lens and known as being very sharp, It didnt have an I.S system which it really could have done with and now that has been addressed and really does look like a good lens to have in your kit bag-add a 1.4x on a cropped body and you have a hand holdable 600mm lens with the versatility of a zoom, If i didnt have the 200-400 i would imagine one of these being high on my list, Sigma has always been at the top of the macro lens charts and the 150mm F2.8 is one of the very best and now they have added a stabiliser its another very serious piece of kit-just about perfect in fact, The big guns had already announced their new kit before Photokina so it was nice to have some nice surprises and maybe one or two things on the wanted list, I would suggest having a close look at the Sigma range the next time that you are in the market for a lens or two


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