Saturday 18 September 2010

Comment Moderation

Dave and I really welcome comments on our posts on here.  Your feedback and views are always very warmly welcomed and we would be pleased to see even more.

In terms on the comments we have received since we started, there have only been a very small handful that we haven't published through inappropriate comment with someone punting something commercial with no relevance to the blog.

But I will make one request going forward please, that even if you choose to leave a comment as anonymous if you don't have a Google id or similar, please can you put your name at the end of the post so we know who we are publishing.

If there are any more where we don't get a name, we shall not publish them, which would be a shame as where we have had anons, they have been cracking content.

So please keep posting, but please let us know who you are

We would be most grateful


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