Wednesday 15 September 2010

New Gear-Nikon goodies

As per usual Nikon have allowed some images of new gear to be filtered onto the internet over the last couple of days, I new they would have an announcement this week on the run up to photokina, The big news is the replacement for their most popular camera the D90, Keeping with the new numbering system the replacement is going to called the D7000 which was announced at mid night last night here in the USA, The specs look excellent and a big upgrade from the D90, Main news is the all new Nikon made 16MP sensor with 39 point AF system and 1080 video, This camera should be a direct competitor to the Canon 60D, Looking at the specs the Nikon looks better value for money even though its a couple of hundred dollars more expensive and has fewer pixels, I guess we will have to wait for the real tests and see just good the IQ is from that new sensor, The Nikon definantly has a better AF system and a better quality body than the Canon and the addition of 2 card slots, This will take sales away from the D300s i should think and find it understandable, It looks a serious piece of kit on the spec sheet and i look forward to seeing what its like when its released next month
Lens wise Nikon have done us proud this year answering lots of peoples 'wants' and now another 2 excellent pro lenses in the form of a fast wide in the 35 F1.4 and a gorgeous new 200mm F2 -God i would love to have one of these in my kit bag just to look at every day-a stunning lens
And thats not all they even squeezed in time to update the SB600 Flash and we now have a SB700 which looks like a smaller version of the SB900, I have 3 SB600's and they really are excellent  and as i need at least one more i may get another before they all go or wait and get the SB700 which is very probable,
So an exciting day for all of us gear heads, Nikon states that the new D7000 will have the best ISO performance of any of its DX sensor cameras so lets hope that thats true, If it is then it looks good for the D300s replacement next year-exciting times in the Nikon camp-Now where is the longed for D700X
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