Friday 6 March 2009

Website Redesign

Well it seems to have taken forever but i guess 4-5 weeks in total but today its finally gone live, The Mail address still needs to be set up and i hope thats done by close of play tonight and i still have some of my older images to put up but they are still packed in boxes from my move but all in all its 99.999% finished,If you can have a look and give some feedback both good and bad-likes and dislikes,I can change most things myself through the edit suite but certain things are to be done by the designer and i have a month to make any changes without incurring costs, I always find having a site designed by others stressful and this was the case this time, Its always difficult having something in your mind and getting it across to others,Also being on opposite sides of the country compounds the fact, Any changes minor or major take 3 days which can be frustrating, But its done and being easy to modify myself means that i wont have to pay for up keep,the site was very expensive but i guess you get what you pay for,The company i have been dealing with are,Prices start from $800 and they specialise in websites for photographers,There are a couple of things to take into account when you view the site-to get back to the home page you have to click on my name-thats the most unintuative part and i may get that changed,there is a slideshow button at the bottom which i have left for you to turn on,It can be done automatically at my end-is that better?Do you like the opening pages?easily changed
Give me some honest feedback and i can then put this baby to bed

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