Wednesday 11 March 2009

News Update - Canon 1Dmk111 recall

OK here is the next instalment from this post and this post last week.

Quick recap - the recall note went out Tuesday, I responded the same day. Canon RCC Elstree called me on the Thursday and the camera was collected on the Friday as promised.

I requested it back here tomorrow and it arrived today, complete with new firmware installed, the Af system re calibrated and a new rear screen fitted as I damaged it last year, at just the price for the labour to fit.

So Canon RCC get a full 100% from me for delivering ahead of all agreed time schedules - well done to then and in particular Lauren Dicker there who has been my contact there - Thanks Lauren.

So I will be testing it over the weekend and give you another update after that to see if there are any noticeable differences, particularly in the off centre AF point focusing.


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  1. That is good news Martin and being a fellow MKIII user, I will be very interested to read the results. I've not bothered to register for the 'fix' yet, as I've not noticed any problems with my AF.........