Monday 9 March 2009

News - New Forum

Today is my birthday!! So what I hear you cry - that doesn't let you off blogging!!.

Dave and I have set out to put up content every day, and have succeeded so far - in fact there are normally more posts than days in the month.

So anyway, just a quickie today for all of you who have followed us from the days of EOS-Forums, which I had advised was having problems with hosting, there is a new forum that we are using - Canon Fodder Forums.

It has been specifically set up for users of Canon's EOS systems, so if you are a fellow Canon snapper, why not pop by and have a look.

Right that's me tonight - off for some more wine.

Back later in the week with a report on my custom made bag for my 1D + 500 f4 with the hood fitted the right way round - so if you use that combination, drop by and see how it could make the difference between you getting the shot......or not.

Update: Just corrected a few typos - thanks to an eagle eyed follower of the blog - clearly the wine is affecting my fingers or eyes.....or both


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  1. Thanks for the link guys, looks like it's working a treat and sending plenty of your good readers over.