Friday 27 March 2009

Reviews - Gear Insurance

This will be a short post tonight, specifically covering an item which somebody has requested.

Before I moved to my current house, I was in rented accommodation for a few years I had all my gear covered by House Contents insurance, with a maximum allowance for loss at any one time. I didn't really properly check out the T's & C's with hindsight, but fortunately was never in a position to need to make a claim.

That all changed when I moved into my current house and switched to a connected Buildings and Contents Policy. The new insurers could not entertain that my kit levels were purely of an amateur status. They did offer me some additional cover but the quote was quite frankly ridiculous. So time for a rethink.

I has heard of good things of Glover & Howe from some of the pro's who used to frequent EOS Forums when that was alive so checked them out.

The long and short was that they offered 10% discount for EOS Magazine subscribers as I was then, they offered various levels of cover from Amateur, Semi Professional and Full Professional. It turned out that Semi Pro insurance was actually cheaper than Amateur for me. This gave me the option of actually being able to sell some of my work, if I desired to so do.

The cover and replacement options were much better, particlualrly in terms of theft from vehicles a,d it has been extremely easy when adding or subtracting bits of kit as I have bought and sold stuff.

No claims discount is accrued each year if you do not make a claim as well, and it is just the most simple business dealing with them on the phone.

So if you have gear that you cannot afford to lose, think carefully about how it is insured. Check out all the Terms very carefully and if there are loopholes, then think about going to a specialist.

There is a very good Tips document that Glover & Howe have published if you are not sure.

Do yourself a favour and read it.

And if you buy from them, please mention my name


PS - it will be our 100th post tomorrow

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