Saturday 7 March 2009

Local Patch - Warwickshire

A quick update from me today.

Since I wrote last time, there has been a few pluses and minuses in the garden. Sadly, I haven't seen the Grey Wagtail since I got back from Mull, so it has either been 'catted' or hopefully moved on to breed somewhere.

There was a new garden first this week - A Red Legged Partridge dropped by for an overnight stay. It was wet and dark when I saw it, so no images and again was worried it wouldn't see the night out but things were fine, and it moved on the next day. An unusual species for what is essentially a town garden, but then maybe my plan to make the wildlife garden is bringing the countryside to us. The usual large flocks of Blackbird and Sparrows are still here with the odd surprise visitors of Long Tailed Tit were back in today's, as well as a Male Blackcap. Not sure if it is an overwintering one that has popped back or an early arrival - would tend to think it was the former.

I have a couple of Sparrow Terrace nest boxes to put up very soon so we can hopefully give a few of them an easy chance.

The pond is slowly filling up from frog spawn, there are now at least five large clumps of the stuff, so I will look forward to lots of tadpoles and froglets through the spring and summer.

Some of the early wild flowers are now popping out and the new hedging I put in is budding well.

My 1Dmk111 is with Canon as you will have seen, so I will have to wait til that is back to start getting some of this stuff onto memory card

Further out in the countryside from here, the Fieldfare are still around, although in much smaller numbers. Buzzards are flying well and displaying, and I watched a couple of Hare today, although sadly not boxing.

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  1. Great Blog! Birds are not the only creatures needing nesting boxes! New blog on the Hx. of the Ladybug: