Friday 6 March 2009

News - 1Dmk111 update

Further to my post earlier this week here, I registered my Mark111 with Canon just before I wrote that post. In the Canon registration, it said they would contact you within a week.

Well I got my call and email within 48 hours to arrange collection. As I need the camera next weekend, I requested collection on Monday 16th, to be advised that if they could collect today, I would have it back in time during next week.

So with that guarantee, the body was collected this morning and is due back by next Thursday. I am also taking the opportunity to get my rear screen replaced at the same time as I managed to scratch it while shooting Sanderling in Norfolk last year.

So, considering what 1D 3 users went through last year with the recall for the sub mirror fix, it is encouraging that Canon, at least here in the UK seem to have sorted the logistics in advance of the notification.

I know they took a real hard time last year, but I will come to the defence of the folk I have dealt with at Elstree RCC who did their very best by me. It is no good shooting the messengers - they didn't design these flaws.

So here's hoping for a quick return.

Will keep you posted on the experience as I know there are many people who will go through this and maybe have not started the process off yet.



  1. Hi Martin,
    I have spoken to my dealer and he has told me to bring it in at my convenience and he will have it back in a week.
    i think your point is well made about not shooting the messenger as these dealers have taken the brunt of customer anger.
    I just hope it got passed on to the right people.
    Love the blog well done both of you.
    Pierre le Suisse

  2. Wonder what colour the Dot will be this time

  3. Cheers Pete

    Much appreciated.