Saturday 28 March 2009

Gear Reviews-Camera Insurance for the USA

Following on from Martins blog yesterday covering camera insurance in the UK i will just add abit for us guys living in the USA, When i moved over here i bought all new camera gear and within a few days the appartment that we first rented was full of new shiny Nikon gear, In total $30 000+ so there was a great need to get this insured as if it went missing i wouldnt be able to afford to get it replaced, I made some enquiries on more USA nature forums and the general consensus was to join NANPA (North American Nature Photographers Association) and get covered by CHUBB who do great deals for NANPA members, It costs around $100 to join NANPA but then you get lots of benefits like the quarterly mag and discounts on other mags and gear, I joined and within a few days the cameras were covered, £30 000 of gear cost me just under $700 a year which i thought was very reasonable, They give a calcualtion of $0,0230 so times that by the value of your gear and you have the total cost,you also get 30 days to pay but are covered from day 1,There is a minimum of $350, All in all everybody gives them a thumbs up and NANPA is based on my kind of work,Its a very informative site and worth spending some time on


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