Tuesday 17 March 2009

Reviews - Your feedback to us

Just a short post from me today.

Many thanks to everybody who took part in our poll that closed today. Some surprising results that always goes to show that what you think people want is not always the case.

The overwhelming majority of you, at 80% and 67% respectively want to hear more from us on Techniques and Tips, and Gear we use and Abuse subjects.

So with that in mind, we will look to tailor to fit these in more regularly than we have.

There was a pretty even split on Reviews, Trip Reports and Hardware & Software.

Surprisingly, our 'From the Archives' was the least popular with just 5% response on these. Maybe we have just pitched these incorrectly, as it was the intent that we could share some images from our older trips and interweave some good images with location information and any relevant tips or techniques to that type of photography.

So we will try to do some more of what you want.

I will be back on Thursday with a Tips and Techniques on how I post process sharpen, as I know this is one area that a number of people want to hear about. Dave and I do things slightly differently, but with similar results I believe, so you will be able to see over a period of time a couple of options that you may like to try.

If there are any other areas that we have not thought of that you want to hear about, please do leave us some comments, we would be most pleased to hear from you.


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