Sunday 1 March 2009

A look back on the 1st Day of Spring

White Rabbits!!!

OK - so on the 1st day of the Spring here in the UK, I thought I would have a look back at the progress we have made with this blog after our first two months of writing.

Looking back at the stats since I hooked the 'Analytics' up in early Jan, we have had over 4000 visits, with just over 8000 page views.

You have visited us from 317 cities from 41 countries now. We are now looking forward to visits from South America, the Middle East and more of Africa, so if you know any friends in these countries, please spread the word, we would love to see them here.

On the technical front, the photographic community is a little more discerning when it comes to browsing habits, with 47% of you NOT using MS IE browser and 88% of you realising the benefits of 32 bit colour on your screen settings.

11.3% of you use Macs while the rest of us don't!!!

Peak visiting day is Thursday and Saturday is the lowest, as I expect you are all out photographing or on trips.....or doing chores in the house like me.

So thanks to all of you who have supported us, and particularly so if you have been linking through Amazon to make your purchases, it provides welcome support to the site.

If you have any great links, news items or things you want from us, then please let us know, we would welcome lots more comments and interaction from you. Particularly if there are any subjects you want us to write about.

I have added a Poll on the right hand side, so we would welcome your views and feedback on that.

Having spent yesterday in my garden doing various things, it is good to see new growth on the hedging, and at least four species of wildflower are in bloom from my planting last year.

Update: Make that five species, plus two lots of frog spawn!!

Another update: Nine frogs at it in the pond!!!

I am going to get on processing images now as I have to prepare for a photographic talk that I am giving on Wednesday week entitled 'Wildlife in the Highlands and Islands' at the Smethwick Photographic Society Nature Group as a practice run before I give it during Wild Isles week on the Island of Mull in May this year


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