Monday 12 December 2011

Windy night

Looks like it is our turn to get the windy weather tonight that the north has recently been experiencing. With winds already at 50mph locally and the pressure dropping fast, we can only expect things to get rougher. So fingers crossed that not too much damage results

As I walked back across the bridge in Stratford tonight, I saw a Grey Heron immediately next to the road and pathway, quite unfazed by me, a number of other people and vehicles. Guess it is looking for an easier option in the choppy conditions as the water in that part of the basin was quite calm due to the shelter, although its night vision must be pretty good.

One frequent result from these extreme wind conditions that often arises is the further influx of unusual wind blown visitors, so will we see another lot of visitors from Daves side of the pond turning up? I will keep my eyes open to the various twitter feeds.

So for those experiencing excessive wind tonight, I will keep my fingers crossed that the consequences are minimal. And you can read that how you wish :-)


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