Saturday 3 December 2011

A few winter/Xmas ideas

A quick one from me as i have spent the morning shooting a family in my home studio for their Xmas cards etc and now a trip to the sales before a party this evening. I have been making a small list of things that may want the wife/girlfriend to add to the Xmas stocking after the camero of course, As winter is coming or already here for some there are some winter ideas as well
1.Memory cards, I know we have mentioned these before but they have dropped considerably in price and are niow a bargain and you can never have too many, Martin and myself recommend Sandisk
2.Filters-ND,Grad and polorisers are all very handy (make sure that they are good ones)
3.Spare Battery-The cold kills batteries although the batteries in the new cameras are amazing in how long they last, Dont go out on a cold day without one
4.Double Bubble hot show level-One of the best things ever invented and worth every penny, I rarely have one off the hotshoe
5.Hide/Blind, Good deals in the sales on the pop up hides at around $60-woth having a spare and THE best way of getting close to wildlife
6.Flashgun, Not cheap but if you havent got one you will need one and if you have one an extra gives more ways of using light especially at night
7.Underwear-yes thats right, Keeping warm in winter is very important and good quality long johns and long sleeved vest are worth every penny, If you are not warm/comfortable then you are not enjoying yourself so whats the point, I have cableas military range and under armour which are both excellent,
8.Raincover-I mentioned the new ones from lenscoat about a week ago, Keep your gear dry and it will last
9.Plamp, This is something i have yest to get but every year i wish i had one, It will keep things still whilst doing macro and will hold a reflector and free a hand up
10.Reflector, Get a 5-1 or multi sided/coloured reflector for you macro and portrait sessions,Gives a nicer light than flash, I have had mine years and its still like new

Happy shopping


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