Thursday 29 December 2011

Some more from yesterday

Yesterday's trip started out in the Forest of Dean at a site where I was fortunate enough to photograph Crossbills in February 2010, and posted them on the blog at the time.

Well we went back and we did see them, half a dozen of them but sadly at too great a distance for any images. It was a delight to watch them through the binos though.

The first image was as close as I got, with a test image. It is a shame as the conifers where at a better height this year to get nice diffuse non sky backgrounds.

Male Crossbill from Feb 2010 from the archives
Female Crossbill from Feb 2010 from the archives

Moving on to the next location, this friendly Robin was not at all camera shy. I was after Nuthatch at the time, but you take what you are given and be happy

At a third location, I had been photographing Nuthatch and Pied Wagtail, which you will have to wait for a later blog, when this Buzzard flew quite close by, and was lit well with the early afternoon sun.


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