Wednesday 14 December 2011

Hen Harrier extinction in England?

Regular readers will know that this is a subject that I have blogged on a number of times, but a new report out prepared by the RSPB and Natural England, commissioned by the Government has concluded that the Hen Harrier is likely to become extinct in England as a breeding bird in the near future.

Human persecution from guess where? - the Shooting community - those guardians of wildlife and carers for all things natural!!! A sick joke and pure hypocrisy.

Just four pairs on a single estate in the Forest of Bowland is all that remain.

It deeply saddens me that it has come to this and there is no excuse that it happens or that it is allowed to happen.

It remains good news that places like the Outer Hebrides still support a good community as readers will remember from my trip reports from North Uist last year.


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