Thursday 15 December 2011

Time for a clean and brush up

All the gear is ready for the Florida trip on Saturday, I have had both the EWA marine underwater housing and the Panasonic compact sitting in a bath full of water to test for leaks and so far all is good, The lenses have been cleaned with ROR cleaner that my friend Dave Newton put me onto and yesterday i had a delivery of sensor cleaners from BHPHOTOVIDEO so i can now clean my dirty D3s sensor, I use Visible Dust swabs along with Visible Dust solution which i find works very well at getting all the crud off, I have to say the FF sensors seem to get a lot dirtier than the cropped sensors and are a pain in the butt to get totally clean but when shooting underwater or in the sky with large areas of light clear background any spots show up so better to spend 30 mins cleaning now than hours in front of a PC later, Like anything get the preparations done now for a smooth ride ahead


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