Sunday 4 December 2011

Drought conditions continue

I wasn't referring to the weather conditions, although we haven't had a lot of rain recently. No I was thinking photographically.

I had decided this weekend I would get out to one of three locations.

Was it to be from the choice of a couple of Bitterns that are making a regular appearance at Slimbridge at the moment or across to Northants where there are reports of a lot of Short Eared Owls making regular shows, or should I stay closer to home and concentrate on my own garden subjects?

Dave's recent blogs on his woodpecker perch encouraged me to get my 'woodpecker' silver birch back into service.

So I did that yesterday , mixed up a load of fat, suet, seeds, nuts etc and liberally spread the stuff around to see if I could attract any garden wildlife.

It has been quite a lean spell with only occasional flurries of activity. I thought after the last short colder spell of a few days that we had got the birds back in from the countryside, but they have disappeared again.

So that didn't bode too well.

Waking up early this morning, or should I say being woken up by the two Burmese kittens that live with us, the light was dull grey flat and threatening rain. That ruled out an early drive to Slimbridge for me - it have got lots of flat grey ducks in my archives thanks.

Second choice of garden birds was looking bleak too, with just a few Magpie, Wood Pigeon and Blackbirds making use of the food I had put out.

And with the light staying rubbish, what was the point of an hours drive across to Northants. I have got lots of SEO's in fine light.

So a day in the kitchen preparing fine food on the run up to Christmas, and ice cream just coz I like it was a better use of my time today.

But I am getting itchy shutter finger nevertheless, and as I finish this blog off this afternoon, listening to the wonderful late Gary Moore playing Parisienne Walkways on Planet Rock radio, it has started to rain heavily - drought over!!

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  1. Hi Martin, our rain has now stopped (finally)and has now turned much cooler - we've had rain, hail, sleet and the odd snow shower most of the week. Snow showers are now forecast for the next few days. Over in the States there has been a major movement of Snowy Owls due to food shortage (over 100 seen in one State) so fingers crossed for here.