Monday 5 December 2011

The weekend

Where did the weekend go? 2 partys, some shopping and a family shoot and whoosh its Monday, I have spent today processing the weekends images which i hope they are happy with, Its nice to work in controlled conditions and it was nice to have the studio lights set up again, Its certainly easier to make money doing portraits than trying to sell an images of an opossum but not half the fun, Either way i enjoyed it even though they say dont work with animals or children, 1 girl of 2 and a half and one of 21 days, I have continued to put some bait in the garden and something has been coming in and really digging to get every bit, I think the disturbance is too big for an opossum and must be either a fox,raccoon or dog, I will be keeping a closer look out to see whats going on, I really hope its not a dog and that a fox or raccoon is now feeding there but we will see

For those of you interested both Martin and Myself have Elinchrom D lites for our studio gear, Very easy to use and not overly expensive, I have the D-lite 4 with a 53'' octa softbox as my main light and a D-lite 4 with standard softbox for fill


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