Wednesday 7 December 2011

Garden,Xmas and travel

The night creature that's been eating my bait turned out to be a dog and a big one at that, I couple of bangs with the BB gun should see that it wont be back any time soon, The opossums seem to have done their disappearing acts, I have seen this before, They come every night on the dot and then disappear for weeks or even months for no apparent reason, I guess they have no set territory and are really travelers so i hope they soon return,I have been told of a neighbor about 1/2 mile away that feeds foxes everyday and the foxes have become habituated, Well i met her at a meeting the other night and sure enough she has 3-4 fox most days/nights in her garden and they are relaxed enough to take food from her and sit/lay around whilst she is close by, I now have an invitation to shoot in her garden, Last week i met with people who have 4 different woodpeckers in their garden including pileated so i will take them up o their invitation too,We are getting up to 9 deer at any one time in the garden but that's not what i am really after and really hope to get a fox family that i can work with long term,
I ordered some new gear the other day and most of it should arrive today, As i am doing more and more studio work and would really like to get to grips with good portraiture i ordered Joe McNallys new DVD 'The Language of light' along with a 24'' Ezybox softbox (Mcnally design) which i will use for both portraiture and in the garden to get nice soft light, Light direct from the flash can be pretty harsh, The Ezybox will take a normal flashgun , My Manfrottto 055 pro tripod has a long centre column so i ordered a short one for it to allow for lower shooting, I also ordered a black velvet pop up background mainly for portraits but may be used for hummingbirds etc, there are plenty of things that i would like but i can make money out the portrait stuff so they were a priority,
I have just booked my flights for California in January where i hope to shoot Elephant Bull Seals and will be off to Florida in just over a week which i cant wait for


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