Sunday 18 December 2011

More fave pics of the Year - Part 2

From February of this year, I took a couple of trips to Slimbridge and enjoyed getting images of the Mute and Bewicks Swans, and various Geese species that were in then.

This beautiful Buzzard posed nicely for and enabled me to switch around bodies between my 7D and newly acquired 5Dmk2. This image was from the 5Dmk2, which has without doubt been my 'Best Buy' this year

This was one from the garden - Fem Gt. Spotted Woodpecker

This last little 'boring Brown duck' from Slimbridge has been included, simply because it was a lifer for me. Female Lesser Scaup. Might be rare, but it is still boring in my book. As I blogged at the time 'Not much of a Birder'

I had planned to go out to a site that I know of that is not too far from me where there a few Short Eared Owls have been sighted, but the weather has been pretty crappy in the afternoons round here. Both days this weekend, it has been bright and sunny up until just after 1pm, which is about when I would leave, and then has closed in with rain, sleet, snow and hail at times. The web is alive with images, tweets, and messages about SEO's at the moment. I haven't gone to that particular honeypot site, about an hour from here, although it is not difficult to find due to the web traffic but I am not going to join the big crowds.

With a good few days off over Christmas, I will bide my time, wait for the weather and take my chances then.


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