Friday 23 December 2011

Florida day 3

Although we were in Sarasota i fancied a small trip up the coast to the famous Fort De Soto, I have been there a couple of times, In the spring its totally amazing as birds land and walk near your feet, I went this time last year when it was very cold and miserable and it was devoid of anything at all, The weather here has been great and as soon as we neared the island we could see lots of birds including rosette spoonbills, I didnt have much time as we are with friends but i did manage to wander off and get some waders and terns, I used the D7000 with the 600 to get decent reach without having to use a 1.4x although i will say that the birds will wander close enough if you are still not to need such a big lens, The D7000/600 combo is a good one, The D7000 really is very good with good glass, The AF was quick as you can see with the willet landing, I followed it in getting shots along the way all of which were sharp, Most of the shots were taken early afternoon in bright sun which isnt the best but it was basically all the time i had, The oyster catcher was early evening and i had to use some fill flash to lighten the dark back, Overall a good result from limited time


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